The Most Important Day of the Year

This is the wonder: that of all the days of the year, the most important one is the everyday.

The everydays that are the most days of the year. These, the most days of our lives.

The everyday is the most important day of the year.

I think this putting supper on the table, thinking about Thanksgiving this Canadian weekend.





I think about these everydays that have kids hanging paintings on the fridge and me taking sun-dried sheets in off the line, these are the important days. Everydays when I trip over LEGOs and the laundry mounts into its very own range and I finally think of something to make for dinner when the head’s weary tired and I set out the dishes and they all come. All this.

This is the sacred everyday.

I can miss it. How holy the moments are.

How do we find ways to somehow live awake to the astonishing, ordinary wonder of all this?

How do we find ways to somehow live so that everyday is consecrated?

We must find ways.

For the ways we live our everydays is the way we live our lives.





How do we live awake… live fully alive?

I’m okay with resorting to crazy things like naming the daily blessings from God, literally counting everyday His gifts — up to one thousand gifts. More!

I’m okay with waking up. I’m okay with trying to wake the kids up. Why not?

I set out this easel, leave the marker right there, and throughout the day, jot down the blessings as I wake to them – fresh bread, wind in the maples, holding hands when we pray.

The kids, even when they pass through the kitchen, they grab the marker, leave their mark of gratitude on the easel. This is how we stir alive…

And when the light’s falling late, I ring the cast iron dinner bell out the back door, and I tell those kids to really wash their hands at the sink. We pray, eat, go around the table counting blessings. A little voice reads gifts recorded on the easel.  Everyday could be thanksgiving day.  Why not?


And that’s when I think this might be the way.

That this is the way to hallow the most important everydays: to be ever grateful and awake to hidden beauty, humble blessings… right here.

That today, everyday, is important – important enough to give thanks for His every day love

Candles flicker. Someone knocks over a glass of water. The kid with the wet laps screams. I get a towel. I move the easel to mop it all up. I think how grateful I am for a towel.

Now is the wonder. I sop up the mess. Someone asks for seconds.

I smile and pass down the bowl of potatoes.





Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.
Let the whole world know what he has done.


giving thanks for more of His endless gifts

#2015.fall trees in the fog

#2016. boys talking with their mouth full of food: This is good, Mom

#2017. dish towels

#2018. elderly women who tell me to grateful for now — with laundry & mess & all the glorious noise

#2019. dirt in the sink from our spuds

#2020. a son nearly as tall as me

#2021. twenty-four hours in a day and the gift of sleep and knowing we can only do what we can do

#2022. piano playing early morning in the dark

#2023. a daughter who laughs, “Oh, Mom — you think everyone is beautiful!” (I do!)

#2024. little boys hunched over piano theory

#2025. my mama tearing up bread for Thanksgiving dressing

#2026. wind chimes calling gentle out the kitchen window

#2027. a husband who forgives me and whispers in my ear, “Grace, we all need more grace.

Memo Board with Easel

Dinner Plate
Serving Bowl
Large Platter
Ever Grateful Large Pitcher
Ever Grateful Vase


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Photos: Ever Grateful for the everyday He gives
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