when your heart is hungry…

All summer long the cobs in the field garden fatten with the juice of the sun, yellow and sweet and milky white from humid nights under the bright of the moon.

We fill our arms with the ripening. We carry in the corn silks with its gold kernels. We are plain rich with plain things.

This is the love I want to store up and feed on all through the howling winter.















His love is the only thing that can fill our heart hunger.

I cut corn, head bowed and giving thanks for His food.


When my heart is hungry… giving thanks lets me the food He’s feeding me….

#1796 – #1807 of His endless love and the ways I say thanks…

~ Nearly a week of sporadic internet connection and down servers

~ Corn silks

~ Thrifted silk pajama pants

~ A farmer with a dishtowel over shoulder, over a pot of blanching corn on the stove

~ Piles of husks

~ Kids singing “O the deep, deep love of Jesus” while cutting corn

~ A whole family working a whole day together, talking together, laughing together, making it happen together

~ The putting up of memories for the winter years

~ A freezer stacked with fresh kernels of summer

~ Love rhythms

~ Asking at the end of the cutting, bagging, storing day what we should have for dinner and a whole chorus of voices raising the roof: “SWEET CORN!”

~ Butter dripping off chins

holy experience

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Photos: one of our annual cutting corn days
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