How to Read the Scales and Find Your Perfect Weight

I don’t think of it then, when I raise my  hands up in what isn’t, well, precisely, praise, but more this throwing lift of lament and exhausted surrender and end-of-the-day fatigue.

And I can’t say that it occurred to me — then that it is the judges who have scales and it really could be that we were born with two hands because we never stop weighing the good against the bad, today against yesterday, and that I’m weighing everything all the time.

But I do know that the piles and the weeds and the to-do lists and the messiness of living, it can weigh right heavy and I feel it in the shoulders, the back, the heart, and this too can be good, keeping me on the knees and needy.






It only occurs to me after I cut the flowers, haul the bloomin’ basket into the counter and fill a pitcher with a prism of summer sun and all the petaled shades.

I gather up the stems, the stripped away leaves. Put away the scissors.


It’s when I have the pitcher in my hand and those black-eyed susans are long-necked and looking, and I go looking for a place to set them and none seems better than right there on the sill over the sink, but there isn’t much room because I’ve got that scale that I’ve weighed my babies on sitting there — so I just plunk the pitcher directly down on the scale.

It’s when the levered beam falls with a clunk.

It’s only then, when the beam in my own eye falls away, then that I see clear what all saints must already know…


The world’s beauty outweighs it’s burdens.


I serve up a garden medley ratatouille.

Kai cries over the zucchini and the peppers.

I left the kitchen in a stew of pots and pans and peels. I forgot to put a load of laundry in before we sat down to the dinner. I haven’t taken in the load out on the line. I have to stack books and take out the recycling and find a hoe for that garden.

What will I look for, to outweigh everything? Who will I look to, to outweigh everything?

Eating out on the porch and the boys bandy about ideas and plans for their summer lists. The Farmer fills cups of waters, passes them down, smiles tired from his end of the table. And I look out at the sunflowers, with all those sprouting weeds at their feet, and I can tell just by the way they’re nodding their crowning heads — they agree, they agree.





They agree with the scale, and here with these people in the midst of our piles, my equilibrium recalibrates to find its center in the Judge who became grace to bestow grace and I can read the scale, feel it inside, and it’s true:

If you can really seethe weight of Glory always tips the scales for joy.

I think of this, the next time I raise my hands in happy thanks.

How light I feel — my perfect weight.


##1760 – #1779 of the endless beauty. I give thanks for all this weight of glory and find my perfect weight….

blue mason jars

water hose and happy kids

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Dad filling my hand with sweet cherries

pit spitting contests

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kids petting kitties

still of a sleeping house, a waiting bathtub & the slow reading movement

making up

the privilege of home and hearth and the call to this vocation

camp firewood for sale, $3 a bag, along the roadside

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