weekends are for waiting for new life

During the Long Saturday wait
between Good Friday and Easter Sunday,
we line the terracotta pots
and we make

New Life cakes.




Lining each pot with parchment, wepour in our favorite chocolate cake batter, and we bake batter in wee pots at 350, and when our soil cakes cool, we ice each flowerpot dessert with creamy chocolate icing and plant a sprig of mint in each one.

And after Easter dinner, we’ll serve New Life cakes still in terracotta all around the table and our spoons will dig into sweet rich “soil” and we who are but clay, returning to clay, will taste the New Forever Life growing and remember the funeral cloths fallen and the stone rolled right away.

He who was entombed on Friday is but New Life enwombed on Saturday, waiting for the glorious birthing on Sunday.

And the dark earth and the black tomb and our pitch shadows, these are but the waiting, gestation wombs of the new life. The dark always births the dawn and what is buried in earth always has the seed of New Life Hope.

ay all your wanderings this weekend, kind friends, be in anticipation of the unfurling of light and life and our resurrected Lord.

All’s grace,

Photos: New Life Easter cakes
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