when life presents itself as ugly: don’t be deceived by wrapping paper

The only way to live in the joy of the Lord… is to believe that the Lord only gives life for joy.

That’s the real reality I realize, fight wild to cling to on a Friday when piano books are lost, (again!) and I think I may hyperventilate, when boys whip balls in the house and glass shatters, when brothers wrestle on a Saturday and the house erupts in pain howls and angry tears, when it seems just a matter of time until I have my mothering license revoked.

That’s the truth I whisper when I look in the mirror on a Monday morning.

That our Creator God passionately wraps each moment different but He’s actually the most predictable of gift givers.God gives only one kind of gift: All is for joy. 

I remember it again: In the midst of the ugly, there’s always a window through to the joy beauty. 

He offers a new week, promise full, hope shiny.

I stretch out my hand, ready.

Never be deceived by ugly wrapping paper.

When I believe that God gives every moment always for ultimate joy, every moment becomes a gift. And I can always unwrap any ugly to discover the beauty of joy.

I smile wide. And step out to embrace another multitude of blessings on a Monday.

more of the 1000 endless gifts... looking at the ugly beautiful… and unwrapping beauty.

#1448. sawdust across floors

#1449. greasy hands

#1450. repentant tears

#1451. dishes in the sink

#1452. persecution

#1453. duct tape on plantar warts

#1454. redeemed

#1455. matted down brown grass

#1456. lost and found muddied mitten

#1457. dirty towels dropped

#1458. sweaty body odour

#1459. sins forgiven

#1460. an old rugged cross

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Photos: Subiaco Abbey Farm
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