Thanksgiving Everyday

On a Thanksgiving weekend on a farm in Canada, we gather pumpkins from our patch by the barn, the seeds we planted in May swollen into orange suns of summer.

And we pile the wagon high, too high, and the geese fly over, black arrows renting sky, season’s war cry before winter, and a Farmer Father, closing barn door behind him, offers muscle power. Children cheer.

And when yet another harvest globe rolls off top, off back of the wagon, and I bend for the stem, for the blessing overflowing, I know but this.

Thanks is never for the things. Thanks is for His touch.

That gifts have no significance in and of themselves. Gifts only have meaning in that they trace the outline of God’s heart.

When everyday is thanksgiving day, earth’s heart fuses with heaven’s.

We haul in the love yield, ready to make pie.

endless gifts … His caresses: #1190- #1202

this one (with slight spelling errata), Joshua found at local pumpkin patch. So we make everyday thanksgiving!


When we know
what we really are
and who He
really is,
doesn’t it happen

holy experience

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Photos: gathering in the pumpkin harvest from our little patch on Canadian Thanksgiving wkend
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