Weekend Wandering: Food Edition

The Way to Plan Meals that Changed Everything for Me — Step Four. Step Four is the key that no one ever told me. Step Five — write that list on a separate sheet of paper. Having a permanent Master Grocery List for a complete week of recipes and create your weekly list from thatwho knew? (Well… likely everyone but me!) So I’ve compiled 4 weeks of recipes with Master Lists… meal planning that works for me!
Use a Grocery Book to Slash Food Spending: A grocery price book to create an ongoing list of the items you most commonly purchase and how much you pay for them — a money hack from the Tightwad Gazette.
Food Stamp Challenge: Milehimam writes, “Can a family live off a food stamp budget, and still eat a healthy diet? Yes, they can! This year, I’m feeding my family on $2, per person, per day. ($140 for my family of 10)”

Seasonal Ingredient Map — interactive map to see what’s fresh in your area
… and just for a bit of fun this weekend (oh that Joy Habit!) and perhaps relieve some stress? Stress-y O Cookies
and what our Joshua-boy will be making today after his piano exam … his widely-renowned specialty (he happily takes orders and has his stalks already chopped…)
May all your wanderings this weekend, kind friends, feed on the Bread of Life…
All’s grace,

Photos: Little One and I rolling out Ground Beef Turnovers — a favorite for men to hold a whole meal in their hands while driving a tractor. Field meals mustn’t require a fork, as they all eat on the go … and this recipe fits the bill!