Rescued! … by a County Knight

Joy of Life in the Making had her brilliant husband Country Knight come to our rescue and pluck us from an Internet Explorer abyss and just a small cyber-nightmare.

Knights who wander the countryside do the finest work! You well might like visting this Tech-Country Knight who wanders the prettiest country roads… and the sparkling beauty he made for his wife at her thoughtful blog….

Thank you, Joy and your Country Knight! and all who kindly dropped a note of aid…

And my blushed, thick-tongue apologies for the muddling mess I made for folks reading in readers today while we tried to deduce the source of corrupted code… thank you for your patient grace….

(Oh — the culprit of the blog not loading in IE? That little exercise motivational wedgit that tallied my rowing meters in the sidebar! It had to go… So. Is that a sign? ~weak smile~)

All’s grace,