How to Make a Habit: New Month Beginnings

The calendar page begins afresh.

I open up my visual journal.

And begin a fresh slate, working at new habits.

I glue a Habit List into the journal , write down a list of habits for the month.

Then, each day of the month, check (or not check off) the doing of each task.

Somedays, there aren’t many checks.

Somedays, we keep the chain going.

And, at the bottom of each day, we tally up how many tasks were accomplished. Did the habit muscle grow stronger? Did we come close to the daily target of habits?

Come the end of the month, like we did at the end of October, we count up the number of times throughout the month, each task was actually done.

Each child too has their own habit list they keep in their daily journals. I don’t direct their days so much as direct them back to their own habit list, their own determined list of tasks for the hours, the months.

The month spreads out fresh.

And I think that the only decision we really have to make is how we’ll spend our time.

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