“Every time you feel in God’s creatures
something pleasing and attractive,
do not let your attention be arrested by them alone,
but, passing them by,
transfer your thought to God and say:

O my God, if Thy creations are so full of beauty, delight and joy,
how infinitely more full of beauty, delight and joy

art thou thyself

Creator of all!”

— Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

I am learning to speak the language of God-glory: Gratitude.

Moment by moment, giving thanks for how infinitely more beautiful He is

than this stream of daily delights…

the gift list continues

her in her nightie and I in my apron, we hug each other and a new day dawning

basket of eggs, still warm, left on the back stone stoop

the original farm boy, up and ready to go…

the original farm boy farming — filling wagons with kernels of sunshine

one of His masterpieces, still a smudge of blue on her forehead,

painting one of her own…

rolling dough, patting, and sprinkling, with little hands and hungry tummies

unfurling millenia and running our fingers

across people and events and all of His Story

for a fleeting moment one morning,

winter and autumn and summer all met in the orchard,

but winter, too shy, slipped away.

The children keep looking for her quiet return

with happy welcome of mitts and boots,

all lined up and ready…


For we are your people and the sheep of your pasture;

we will give you thanks forever

and show forth your praise from age to age.

~Psalm 79:13


May we invite you to come glorify God with gratitude,joining the Gratitude Community?

Just grab a scrap of paper lying around and begin counting the blessings, with your own 1000 Endless Gifts:

Why begin your own One Thousand Gift List –(drop me a line if you do, and I’ll add you either simply your name or a web link to the “1000 Endless Gifts” list — it’s a privilege to join you in giving Him all worship, all praise, all thanks…)

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Photos: quiet joys from here

Some were asking, “What kind of camera?”…
practicing contentment (smile) with a simple point and shoot