Wonders: A Nature Table Gathering

A walk in light and sun and wind and blazing world….

and we gather,
set the world as the centerpiece in the midst of the stitched scraps,
gathered too.

And the toadstools, mushrooms, morels, fungi,
quiet accordions of shy flesh collected, wait for the naming

on snippets of paper, child taking stubby lead to christen bits of the world,

twigs wrapped, mud shaped, cupped for life,

and placed on Nature Table,
old table redeemed from a hayloft, gathered and brought in too.

A curve in the corner for a bit of the world to circle about,
basket of naming books at hand,
basket of naming slips at the ready,
a place for bare toes to wriggle and explore….

and wonder in,

glorying in He Who gives all these good things

for all our days.

(click to enlarge October’s Nature Calendar)

The trees of the fields clap their hands

and we praise too,

glorying in Him,

as the leaves glory in the sun.

His Spirit blows fresh,

and our worries blow away,

autumn leaves in the wind.


If the heaven’s declare…. then let’s get out there!

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