Visual Homemaking Journal ~ More

A notebook, hand-me down magazines gleaned and collaged, then a scratching down of the days, fragments of grace, scraps of works, bits of hope….

And lately, spending my days with chickens and smiling:

menu notes,

gratitude lists,


to-do lists,

odds and ends to remember….

More Inspiration:

~Journal made from an old book: (how-to here) and (follow-up here)

~And oldbook variation on a homemaking journal: here

~A Beginner’s Guide to make your own DIY Planner

~(I am considering of alternating pages from this print-yourself-planner with visual journal pages as above (blank pages, hole punched, and dressed in scraps of pictures and beauty) and slipping all into created oldbook binder. Practicality meets poetry.)

~The Original Visual Homemaking Journal post, with links to more inspiration