Listening to the Song

Slowing to listen yesterday to the the quiet sounds of a singing world….

flaking sound of scooping oatmeal

robins singing early

whistle of pressure cooker

echo of children laughing in empty rooms

tractor humming far off in fields

book pages turning

creak of opening mailbox

toddler sobs ebbing to peace

boys humming hymns

click of seatbelt

fender rattling with stones of gravel roads

wind rushing through open truck window

pigeons fluttering off barn’s tin roof

child speeding by on whir of bicycle spokes

horse hooves clopping down a sideroad

laundry flapping

buggy clattering

squeak of old swing swaying

suds sloshing

his laugh

breathing of tired childen deep in sleep

click of last light out

Today’s Scripture Drink: Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! ~Ps. 150:6

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