Sabbath is God’s way of saying, ‘Stop. Notice your limits. Don’t burn out.’ It is a day He gives us to remember who and what work is for as well as what matters most. Sunday generously hands us hours to look into the eyes of those we love. We have time for loving and being loved. Rhythmically, the sabbath reminds us that we belong to the worlwide family of God. We are citizens of another kingdom—a kingdom not ruled by the clock and the tyranny of the urgent.God’s sabbath reality calls us to trust that the Creator can manage all that concerns us in this world as we settle into His rest.” (Adele Calhoun, Spiritual Disciplines)

Lord, it is Preparation Day… we anticipate the things that feed our souls: You, quiet, reading Your Word, walking in Your world, worshiping with Your family, remembering the Lord’s supper. We place the things we won’t need tomorrow into the Sabbath basket: dayplanners, pocket computers, cell phones, work projects and wallets… We prepare for You and entering into Your rest.