One Thousand Gifts: Beginning

“If God has come in the flesh, and if God keeps coming to us in our fleshly experience, then all of life is shot through with meaning. Earth is crammed with heaven, and heaven (when we finally get there) will be crammed with earth. Nothing wasted. Nothing lost. Nothing secular. Nothing absurd…. All are grist for the mill of a down-to-earth spirituality.” ~Paul Stevens

Nothing, wasted, lost, or secular. All is gift and glimpses of Him. So I record His love to give things I love…. The One Thousand Gifts List…

(Will you join a community of women writing their own One Thousand Gifts Lists, praising Him for His goodness? Leave your link at the CWO One Thousand Gifts Page… and, if you are so inclined, pick up a graphic for your site’s sidebar and posts…)

…. a snippet from my One Thousand Gifts List….
58. rows of boys with fresh brush cuts
59. washed windows
60. glistening sinks
61. new haircut, light and soft
62. journals, old ones, new ones, any ones
63. beautiful pens
64. heavy paper
65. prayer shawls
66. time to pray
67. Ted Kooser’s poetry
68. barn boards
69. wooden beams
70. memorizing Scripture around the table, voices in harmony
71. grandma’s handmade “Robeez” baby slippers, stitched together from leathers found at the thrift store
72. old leather
73. singing hymns while cleaning off the table, toddlers singing loudly and off tune
74. pumpkin-honey, wide-plank, hardwood floors, centuries old
75. crackle of the fireplace
76. flannel sheets
77. old, fuzzy sleepers… real, like the Velveteen rabbit…so many snuggles
78. the last lone apple hanging down in the orchard
79. clinging leaves
80. collecting seeds
81. smell of dirt
82. sons who recite poetry
83. copper bookmarks from Lee Valley
84. library cards
85. corn warmers, the aroma of warm corn, the soothing of aches
86. darkening cherry wood
87. babies who sign
88. enamelware
89. baskets
90. patch quilts with squares of plaid, stitched and quilted by Mama
91. corn brooms
92. black Mennonite bonnets
93. straw hats
94. lanterns
95. a sister… can’t imagine life without
96. timers, gently reminding
97. cherished One-Year-Bible, worn and marked, daily taking me higher-up and deeper-in…..

Lord, You are everywhere… giving such love gifts, unexpected, undeserved…. Such Grace. And I am grateful. Make me more so.

(Looking forward to reading your One Thousand Gifts List…. for you are such a gift, too….)