Preparing for our King….

We are memorizing:

On Easter Day ~Celia Thaxter

Easter Lilies! Can you hear
What they whisper, low and clear?
In dewy fragrance they unfold,
Their splendor sweet, their snow and gold.
Every beauty-breathing bell
News of heaven has to tell.
Listen to their mystic voice,
Hear, oh mortal, and rejoice!
Hark, their soft and heavenly
chime! Christ is risen for all time.

We are learning:

Are you able to suspend your regular studies and focus on the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord? If so, consider this most worthwhile one day Easter unit study . (Thank you, GrahamMinistries)

We are listening:

Handel’s Messiah — Hallelujah, indeed!!

To Back to the Bible’s drama: Twelve Voices of Easter (we actually purchased this on CD last year).

We are preparing:

And a kind reader (thank you, Denise!) sent this inspiring article that encapsulates our preparation:

What we came to wonder is why a celebration of the day our Lord resurrected and fulfilled His earthly commission is generally so much less than our celebration of the day it began with His birth, Christmas? We didn’t come to an answer to the “why” of it, but we both determined to not let a celebration of Christ’s resurrection be so haphazard and such an afterthought in our own homes this year.

Read more for beautiful practical ways to make it different this year.