Share your thoughts?

While this is a quiet place, without a comment box, my heart slows to sincerely listen to yours.

You are warmly invited to to share your thoughts via email.

I read your every word.

I may not personally respond to each email (know it’s not you at all — not personal in the least! — It’s just me trying to be a mama to a half dozen, and educate them all here with good books and great ideas and get their socks washed and good food on the table for them all. I just knew you’d understand. You’re just great like that!)

But your note so blesses me! I humbly thank you for ministering to me with the gift of your story… with the gift of you….

Your note is read and prayed over…. this I humbly promise.

You are loved!
By Father… and this messy, grace-bathed daughter…

All’s grace,


Why no comments?

Because I wonder…

In a cyberworld
of twittering,

can one create
a simple oasis

of unusual quiet,
of posts that invite
one to slow,

to think, to really
enter in,

blog counter-

no obligation to
comment, no full

in a loud world
can one create
a retreat, build a

still chapel?

That’s my whispered prayer for you, fellow sojourner…
That in a sanctuary of stillness, you’ll be led back to the stillness.

And know that He is God.